Night out!

Party tonight as if it is your last! That is the spirit of the Night Out App. NOA gives a whole new dimension towards night life. In the past you went with friends towards the city to check if the hotspot was awesome. Now time has come that you already can see from your living room where your friends will go to, or what will be the hottest place tonight. Use the app during your holiday to discover in which unknown areas most people are heading to. At the same time you can check profiles of other bar visitors to get in touch with each other. On top of that there is the possibility to check with just one click away which events in your area take place, this can be done for huge events as well as for the karaoke contest in the local bar. NOA finds it important that all of this comes by taking into regard your privacy. You are the only one who decided to whom to show your location and who will be allowed to contact you.

What is NOA?

  • Check where your friends will be heading to and follow them step by step.
  •  Get in touch with people out of your living room and discover which bar is the hottest place to be at the moment.
  • Only one click away from new events at your area.
  • Display  your privacy as you like it to be! You are the one who decided to whom to show your location or who will be able to contact you.
  • Add (new) friends to your friends list.
  • Send a private message to your friends or unknown people in the bar. 
  • Invite friends from your friends list from Facebook or Twitter.
  • Manage your favorite bars and check in no time which one you will need to go.