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Get your message across to potential and existing customers with a NOA Pub Licensee Account. Every week, a lot of different people around the world use this site and the app to find and talk about pubs, bars and to communicate with the customers inside your bar! You could be advertising directly to the people you want to reach!

Sign up now to add your pub! Click on "Register" and "Pub" in the right upper corner to begin your pub registration! 

Limited time offer: 
free registration the first year! 
Valid until August 2014.

We recognise that the details listed on NOA for a pub can, over time, become out of date as the facilities change.  Well we know that nobody gains anything from missing or out-of-date data, and that's why we now offer pub owner access to their pub's page when they register with us. Although thousands of pubs and clubs around the world are displayed in the app, it is possible that your pub is not presented in the app. Fill in the registration form on this website will display the pub in the app immediately. When your pub is presented in the pub list, only a basic profile is shown with a small profile picture. After registration you are able to add more details about your pub.

Access to this service will cost you just 50 USD per year, payable in advance (Plus VAT). There is no obligation to renew your account each year. However, when your account expires you will not be able to update your pub page or add events. The pub gallery will be turned off, so your account only will show the basic pub details.

Here are a couple of examples of pubs where licensees have put up some information:

Cellad Eatery
Tomatos restaurant

Do you want your pub listed here? please make a nice pub profile page and mail us!


Every licensee can write a description of their pub and pick all of the facilities available in their pub from the list. A good description and images will make your pub stand out, making it more appealing to customers. You can also add a pub gallery with awesome pictures from your pub. In addition you can also add your local events to the event list. All the users of the NOA app in the neighbourhood of the pub will see this event in the app. This is a fantastic way to bring your event to the attention of potential customers. A lot of virtual users in your pub list will attract other party people to join them into your pub. The purpose of the app is to see in a glance in which pub it is crowded.As a result, people will be more inclined to visit your pub that evening.   


When you register you choose a username and password, which you can then use to access your account whenever you want, from anywhere with an internet connection. Your account will be ready to use instantly as soon as you've paid.


If your pub is already featured on the site, click on "Register" and "Pub" in the right upper corner to begin your pub registration and fill in the form there. Select your pub by enter the first letter of the pubname and your pub will appears in the list. Our advise is to keep the address unchanged.

If your pub isn't on the site yet, that's no problem, just fill in the form completely and give us your pub's details. Ignore the pub selection field.


1. Sign up now to add your pub! Click on "Register" and "Pub" in the right upper corner to begin your pub registration!

2. You will then be asked to fill in your personal data in order to create your account. If you have registered as a normal user before, you have to register again as a licensee in order to update your pub data. You will receive an email from us with an activation link (please check your junk/spam emails if you have not received this).

3. You can then edit and update your pub information. You can write a description of your pub and add images to your pubs gallery. You can change the description and the images whenever you want. 

4. Your pub is visible immediately after registration. Please contact us on the email link below if you need any support:

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